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Just Talk About It Videos and Toolkit

Research shows that when hard decisions need to be made, patients and their loved ones have an easier time if they have discussed their wishes and values ahead of time.

Funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and produced by the Take Charge Partnership, these one-minute videos are based on recommendations from across Pennsylvania by members of the Task Force for Quality at the End of Life.

Our toolkit provides discussion guides with research background and a new PowerPoint presentation for speakers, ALL for FREE.

View or download the one-minute videos.

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Advance Care Planning

A Family Way

Do your loved ones know what your wishes are?

A Friend in Need

If you're unable to, who should make decisions about your care?

Where There's a Will

Put your wishes in writing.

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Support Group

Finding comfort in the company of strangers.

So Guilty

Caregivers need care too.

Conference Call

Family members who live far away can consult with each other.

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Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice in the Home

Help can come to wherever it's needed.

Sooner Rather than Later

Experienced helpers can assist early on in caregiving.

Nursing Home Hospice

There may be an alternative to emergency room visits.

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Pain Management

What's Right for You

Pain treatment often needs to be adjusted.

I'm Fine

There's no need to suffer.

Old Buddies

Relief from pain can come in many forms.

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Supporter Review

I love, love, love this initiative. It is so important to educate our communities about such important issues. Your material is awesome. Great job!!!
Megan Ward, MSW/LSW
Social Services Coordinator
Hospice of Southern WV

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